Speaking Engagement at 420 Convergence

Barbie Sommars is honored to be a panelist for 420 Convergence, : A Virtual Gathering for the Decriminalization of Cannabis and Psychedelics

Presented by: CJLA & Femme.Canna

I’ll be speaking on the Activism Integration panel with Decriminalize LA

420 Convergence is a gathering for the decrimming of cannabis and psychedelics. Join us for a day of sessions built around the cause.

Welcome to the inaugural 420 Convergence Virtual Gathering uniting the cannabis and psychedelic communities. Our intention is to showcase lifestyle patterns that integrate the mind-expanding capabilities of these substances with wellness strategies for more fulfilled living. We aim to honor everyone who has fought and suffered for the rights we are enjoying today. We highlight our story with 7 hours of content on the following topics:

  • Dripping into Consciousness: A Holotropic Breathwork Workshop set to Liquid Drum & Bass
  • How Intentional Cannabis Transforms
  • We Are Essential: Our Rights and Those Who Fought For Them
  • The Last Prisoner Project
  • Cannabis the Power to the She
  • Psychedelic Experiences
  • Activism Integration with Barbie Sommars of Faerie Jane
  • Shadow Integration
  • Psychedelic Sobriety
  • Unpresently Present - Using the Dissociative Experience to Reassociate with Life



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