Do you Meditate before you Medicate?

This is a question I hear a lot and is a topic of debate.  Some claim it helps them reach a higher level of consciousness.

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According to instructor, Annemarie Rung of Cannabliss Yoga in Huntington Beach, CA, “Cannabis helps us to  turn on, or remain permanently in, a state where you feel happy, totally relaxed and very mindful (aware) of the here and now. When we are in a relaxed state we tend to have a  happy mind which is clearer and more able to sense subtle changes in awareness and moves into advanced states. If you're also mindfully aware at the same time, this effect is even more pronounced.”  

Many yoga instructors advise against blazing and bending because they feel it masks the true experience, can make students more susceptible to injury, can raise your heart rate and interferes with focus.  Meanwhile, yoga classes with names such as Cannabliss, Ganja Yoga and 420 Yoga seem to be on the rise as sure as smoke.

And then there’s the Sadhus and Sādhvīs of India (experts on marijuana, yoga and meditation) who are revered for their holiness.  A popular characteristic of Sadhu ritualism is their utilisation of Cannabis (known as charas) as a form of sacrament in line with their worship of Shiva who was believed to have an adoration or affinity for the leaves of the plant.  The plant is widely used during the celebration of Shivaratri.

I took a survey of my yogi friends and asked if they puffed before yoga and the majority of them said yes.  I got answers like,

“I mos def puff before yoga!  It helps me transcend and get in the zone.”

“I have noticed that I get a lot more out of the sessions in terms of meditative results when I do puff before, otherwise it's more of just a physical exercise.”

“Shamans did it for a reason.”

“Sometimes.  It gets my body super relaxed and more flexible.

“Always!! It's how I can really get focused on my breath. Until I smoke I feel so distracted. Then I burn and all the thoughts slow down so I can really hear my breath. I highly recommend it!!”

“Did that a couple times and stretched farther than good for me and...don't anymore”

Personally, I like to take one hit from my Stealth Evoxe pen just prior to yoga class.  I do feel like too much would make me feel less committed during class.  I try to stick to strains I know work well for me and promote relaxation.  I HIGHLY recommend trying it!

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